Butafly Never Create Alone

I don’t like social media, I say that because I've already tried them, to make something happen to my career, live, relationship, but yet nothing happened (I failed at it). The reason is that we are humans, and as human beings, we all want our time to be worth of something good. We all read and are fans of famous CEO's, leaders, creators out there producing content around their success, experience, live stories, sharing advice, but we just consume, we don’t act, we don’t do anything about it to make our lives and careers a success story, and that’s because we are not supported to do so!
We give a “like” “share” or “congrats” and that's all, we just consume.
That's why we wanted a fun place without endless scrolling, and tracking likes, a place for employees to share their work and reach trust from supporters.i.e teammates, маnagers, founders & fans. We know that we fear, we argue, we are not vulnerable enough to act as we wish, but that’s because we didn’t stop, we became a workaholics, and failed at being our authentic selves.
We are just like you, people who work in tech companies but had something to say, share or inspire others around. Imagine It... hearing and supporting each other more in an unpremeditated way, ultimately this is the definition of a healthy workplace right? "ease of supportive environment.

(yes we dream big, but don`t worry we are starting small)

Thanks, and see you on the other side